Hi! I’m glad you are here! Here’s a bit of info about me.

I began exploring yoga in 1998, primarily out of curiosity because I enjoy learning a variety of health and exercise techniques from various cultures. I have always enjoyed the physical and mental benefits of exercise, and in my first yoga class, I felt that and something else… not only were my body and mind involved, but that third aspect, my spirit!! Wow! I was hooked immediately! I started taking weekly classes and began making yoga part of my daily life because of the amazing impact it had on my life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That impact is still evolving and amazing me!

Whatever I love, I usually end up teaching and so I went through a year-long yoga teacher training intensive (Hatha Yoga) in 1999/2000 and have been teaching since then. In August 2009, I completed the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Immersion course and am integrating both Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga into classes offered.

In 2008, I “retired” from (a.k.a. “quit”) my corporate job of over 20 years to focus on teaching yoga which I feel called to do. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the benefits of yoga with others and witnessing the dramatic, positive, and sustainable changes in their lives too.

I strongly believe in making yoga accessible to everyone… that’s why I created and teach Yoga For Real: for real People… for real Life… for real Results…. You don’t have to look like a model or a dancer (check me out – real person!!) to be accepted and comfortable in my classes – you are absolutely wanted and welcome!!

I hope Yoga for real will be a valuable resource to you!!

Many blessings to you and Namaste!