“Year Of Yoga” Program

“What Would You Feel Like This Time Next Year If You Choose Now To Dedicate This Year To Your Physical Health, Your Mental & Emotional Well-Being, And Your Spiritual Development?”

This Can Be Your Year!

You are already taking yoga classes or you are considering starting yoga classes – Go You! That’s excellent!

You are taking some steps toward your health and happiness!

It’s time to bump up your physical vitality and energy, your mental clarity and focus, your emotional calm and steadiness, and your spiritual awareness and development!

I’ve come up with a plan to help you get where you want to be this year!

Take a moment right now and look down the timeline of this year and visualize what your life will be like this time next year if you dedicate yourself to the remainder of this year of yoga! What does your life look like then? How do you feel? Great, right?!

Or, alternatively, visualize what your life will be like if you don’t – ugh – not so great. So, let’s keep doing the good part!

Here’s a summary of all you get with your Year Of Yoga:

  • 46 weeks of yoga classes
  • Choose from several options, from as little as 35 classes up to Unlimited Classes for the year. I want you to be able to commit to yourself at whatever level is best for your schedule, budget and health! See below for how to get all the details. 
  • Special weekly theme instruction throughout the year.
  • Discounts on all Workshops and and other eligible programs during the year!!
  • Guest Passes to share yoga with your friends and family.

You can sign up any time throughout the year for a pro-rated fee.

If this plan already sounds great to you, I’d love to get all the details to you.  Call Cheri at 502-641-2296 or email cheri@yogaforreal.com . You’ll get all the details you need so you can make your decision and get registered.

Make this year different! Commit to your health and peace!