Private Session Descriptions

Your 60-Minute Intensive Session can focus on your yoga practice with a “Yoga Intensive Session” or a relaxing and renewing “Energy Balancing Session”.

Your 30-Minute Tune-Up Session can either be a “Yoga Alignment & Tune-Up” to keep your yoga practice running smoothly or an “Energy Tune-Up” to keep you in balance. These sessions are good to take periodically after first taking one or more of the 60-Minute Intensive Sessions.

There are several reasons you would want to choose a private session. I’ve listed a few below, but you might think of others.

New to yoga? Want to build up some confidence before coming to a group yoga class? I’ll guide you through basic yoga poses, breathing exercises and guided relaxation so that you have a good understanding and feel comfortable with what yoga is and is not. Then, you can choose to continue with your private sessions for a while or you may want to jump on in to yoga classes.

Need to tweak some poses? Sometimes just a small tweak is all your pose needs so you really feel what that pose is supposed to feel like and get all the benefits that come with proper alignment (energy flow, muscle strength and stretching, better breathing, etc.). Together, we’ll choose three or four poses to work on and we’ll take our time with each pose so that I can inspect your current pose, figure out and explain what’s going on and then help you with some small tweaks and adjustments that will give you better alignment and bring new life to your pose! We will end with a guided relaxation!

Want to target a specific problem or need? If you are having trouble with your back, neck and shoulders, sciatica, posture, anxiety, panic attacks, stress overwhelm, etc., we will meet and talk and then I’ll guide you through a mix of breathing techniques, stretches, yoga poses, energy balancing and guided relaxation to help you get some relief.

Want to set up a yoga practice at home? We’ll work together to create a couple of yoga sequences that you can do in the morning when you wake up, at night before you go to sleep, and/or during your day at work and/or home. Or maybe you’d like to establish a Yoga Ball sequence for you to practice at home – how fun! Of course, I still love to have you come to my classes!! This just gives you extra resources between your classes – how cool is that?!

Ready to go deeper in your practice? If you want to start learning even more and take your yoga practice to a deeper level, we can work together on your poses, the philosophy of yoga, how to apply the Yamas/Niyamas (the 10 Guiding Principles of Yoga) to your everyday life, understanding, clearing and balancing your chakras (energy centers), learn more breathing techniques to deepen your pranayama practice, learn meditation techniques to set up your meditation practice, etc. Lots of options here. Talk to me and we’ll get you moving toward your goals!

Need some deep relaxation, pampering and energy re-balancing? Choose an Energy Balancing Session! You get to relax on 14 layers of plush blankets during this session! That sounds great already, doesn’t it? J While you relax, (fully clothed and even with another blanket covering you if you want) I’ll do a blend of several techniques that help to clear stuck, congested or stagnant energy from the energy centers throughout your body. Sometimes, I’ll gently touch you with my hands at the energy centers and other times, I’ll do the work with my hands above your body. I also pray over you the entire time. Have you ever had someone pray for you for 30 or 60 minutes? The result of all this is to get you back to a calm relaxed state with your energy flowing calmly through your system. I’ve had people tell me they feel more relaxed than when they got a massage, or more relaxed than they have been in six months. You will be surprised at how good you feel after this session!