Simplify Your Life

“Summer Break” is here, yet sometimes with the extra activities of vacations, kids/grandkids home from school, lawn care, catching up on home projects and a multitude of possible activities, you may feel you need a break from Summer Break ;-). 

Check out my RealQuickTip “Simplify Your Life” below as you get into your summer activities!

Cheri’s RealQuickTip: Simplify Your Life!! 
Our lives become so busy, so complicated, so hectic! Do you sometimes just want to” get off the ride”, catch your breath, and get away from the busy-ness for a while? Do you want to holler “Re-do!!” like when you were playing a game with friends when you were little? 
You know, it’s not gonna spontaneously happen all on it’s own and some gracious benefactor is not likely to come along and say “You’re too busy. Let me handle everything for you… forever… for free.” (or if they do come along, send ’em to me too!! heehee!!)… 
But the good news is, you can simplify your life! Everything doesn’t have to come to a screeching halt, but you can slooow down a bit and choose what you want to spend your time and energy on. 
Sure, it takes some discipline and commitment, but you can do it! And remember, it’s your life – you get to decide! 
So, look at your schedule… look at your stuff… look at your habits… and just start where you are to identify specific areas you can begin to simplify now. Stick with it – you can do it! 
Imagine (see it and feel it) what a simpler version of your life will feel like, then take your first step toward it!