Immerse yourself in a workshop and learn a new topic or deepen your understanding of a topic you enjoy.

Build Your Yoga Practice At Home

In this workshop, I’ll give you nine yoga techniques that you can begin to do every day at home.

It’s great to come to yoga classes and I love to have you there! You’ll get even more benefits faster when you practice at home too. Even for just five minutes a day!

The beauty of this workshop is that you’ll walk away with nine very do-able practices. You can do one, two or all nine when you practice at home!

I’ll even send you home with pictures and descriptions of the poses/techniques.

Couples Partner Yoga  A “date night” like you’ve never had before! You’ll connect in fun and relaxed ways that will go beyond what you do in this class. Learning to move together in a playful way will increase your communication, intimacy, partnership and cooperation. Click here for full details on Couples Partner Yoga.

Yoga For Better Balance

Your physical balance can be affected by many things including your age, sinus/ear problems, medication, weight, inactivity, and an over-stressed life.

Yoga can help you regain your balance.

The balancing yoga poses, balance ball exercises and breath work you’ll learn in this workshop can be practiced easily at home and at work. And they are fun!

You will begin to notice a difference in your balance with consistent practice. And, you’ll become more aware of the messages your body is sending you when things start to get a bit out of balance in your life or in your body.

Balanced, steady and calm. Sound good to you? Join me and feel the difference!

Meditation Made Easy

Does Meditation sound so vague and “out there” that you think you can’t do it? Well, you CAN! It’s meditation made easy. From this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the “how to” of meditation.
  • Understand what meditation is and is not.
  • Learn three basic meditation techniques that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.
  • Begin to reap the rewards of the peace and clarity that comes from your new at-home meditation practice.

Yoga for Your Christian Life

Yoga is an incredible tool to help awaken your spirit – and isn’t that your goal as a Christian? To have your spirit awake and connected to God? Yoga can provide amazing benefits in your Christian life. In this introductory workshop, we’ll discuss:

  • What Is Yoga and How Does It Work?
  • How Does Yoga Benefit Me As A Christian?
  • Is Yoga Consistent With The Bible?
  • Are There Inconsistencies Between Yoga and the Bible?

Chakras: Understanding Your Energy Centers

Do you ever feel out of whack? Want to get back in whack? Understanding your seven main energy centers (chakras) and how to keep them in balance will enlighten you in every aspect of your life – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The seven chakras and how they affect your life
  • How to know when an energy center is out of balance and how to bring it back into balance
  • Yoga poses that help maintain balance in each energy center

Setting and Honoring Boundaries 

Do you need to set limits and boundaries with your spouse, children, parents, boss or coworkers… or yourself? Tired of everyone else coming first and your needs being met last, if at all? Do you even know what your needs are anymore? In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to speak your truth from a place of power
  • How to be assertive, but not aggressive
  • How to set clear boundaries that will improve your relationships and your life

Clear Your Clutter, Free Your Life
Has clutter taken over your home, your car, your desk, your life? You will leave the workshop feeling encouraged, challenged and hopeful for the possibilities of an uncluttered life. In this workshop, we’ll take a look at:

  • What is clutter?
  • What are the effects of clutter?
  • What are the effects of being clutter-free?
  • Practical tools to help conquer and control clutter in your life

Yoga Ball 

Do you have an exercise ball and you don’t know what to do with it? Or maybe you know one or two moves, but feel like you’ll fall if you try anything else? Learn how to comfortably and safely use the exercise ball for a fun and effective workout. You can bring your ball from home or use one provided in class. In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to safely balance on the ball in various positions and movements
  • How to use the ball to enhance yoga poses
  • A simple and effective exercise routine to do in your own home

YOGA AT YOUR LOCATION – Businesses, Schools, Churches, Organizations
I’ll be glad to come to work with your group at your location. Yoga Classes, Workshops and Presentations can be customized for your group’s special interests and needs. Contact Cheri at 502-641-2296 or email for information.