What people are saying! …

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

I have been doing yoga for eight months and it has really changed my life – from muscle tone and strength to a sense of well-being and I am able to handle stress much better.  Also, my chronic allergy problems which i have had my whole life have completely gone away – rarely am I “stuffed up”. I recommend Cheri very highly as she not only changed my life but my two children’s lives also.   ~ Shari

I fell in love with yoga the very first night in your class. I could not stop smiling. I realized it’s what I’ve been missing my whole life. I did not realize how much it would affect my daily life for good. I was afraid yoga would be “far out and weird” but it’s not that at all – it’s exactly what I was looking for without knowing it was what I was looking for.    ~ Paula

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your classes Cheri. Saturday was the first time in a while I haven’t started my Saturday with your class. I was very crabby that day. My 13-year old suggested maybe I do some yoga…ha ha.    ~ Jenn

This is the first yoga class I’ve ever taken that my back doesn’t hurt afterwards – it feels great!   ~ Mary Kay

I have never found any form of exercise that I liked until this. I look forward to your classes each week!    ~ Lisa

Thank you so much for giving me the hour of calm that helps me get through each week!    ~ Shelli

I have heart palpitations and the doctor says there is nothing to do for them. It’s scary when they happen (no warning), especially to wake up in the middle of the night that way. I do the yoga breathing you taught me and the palpitations stop.    ~ Tammy

I am enjoying your classes so much. They are really good for me. I’ve been so stressed. Last night, after class, I slept like a baby. Yoga is something I want to do for a long time.    ~ Karuna

My husband loves it when I come to yoga class – he says I’m nicer when I get home. :-)   ~ Rhonda

I‘m grumpy without my yoga.    ~ M.J.

Women’s Health

Coming to your classes during my pregnancy was a wonderful experience. During labor and delivery, I focused on your guided relaxations and breathing techniques from class and they helped a lot. Thank you! My baby and I are both blessed to have you.    ~ Kathy

When I was going through menopause, I would often wake up with night sweats. They can be very uncomfortable and most women suffer from them to some degree. Along with the night sweats came the “cannot fall back to sleep” feeling. I would do the yoga breathing and Corpse Pose you taught me and I could go back to sleep quickly and get the rest I needed.    ~ Debbie

I’m so glad I came to class tonight – I almost didn’t because of my headache and I just wasn’t feeling good [newly pregnant]. The restorative poses you put me in helped so much. My headache is gone and I feel so much better!! Thank you!!    ~ Dana

Retreats, Workshops and Private Sessions

Thanks!!! Retreat Day was in fact more than I expected! The yoga session was fantastic! Honestly, I haven’t felt that relaxed and my head that clear in years. I would recommend it to anyone. I have managed to make time in the evenings to do some conscious breathing and also the twist you taught me – the twist is my favorite because it makes me instantly feel better.    ~ John

You and yoga have changed my life! I’ve gained such strength and peace that I had not found before. Also, the practical lessons I learned from exercises in your workshops on setting boundaries and clearing clutter have helped me stop carrying other people’s “boulders” and get rid of so much clutter in my mind. Thank you!    ~ Karen

You have this energy [regarding a private energy work session]. I feel it, but I cannot describe it fully. It is like the sun… warm.    ~ Amela


Many work days are filled with tension, stress and long hours. Not only did our Yoga classes with Cheri reduce the tension and stress, it brought our team at Kosair Charities closer together and made our days more productive in fewer hours. We all learned that stretching the body also stretches the mind and spirit.  These classes were a great experience for all of us — we hope to start our corporate yoga back up very soon!    ~ Vicky Weber, VP Kosair Charities

Schools, Teachers, Children with ADD, ADHD, PTSD

When my first and second grade students do yoga, they are calmer and more focused for the instructional part of our day. For my students with ADHD, the difference is like night and day. The breathing is especially helpful to them when they are at the point of frustration and the easiest thing to do is react.    ~ Debbie Bluestone, Teacher, Ft. Knox, KY

As the Recreation Therapist at Maryhurst, I work with children in greatest need, often with histories of severe abuse and neglect. We began a Yoga Club several months ago, and the outcomes have been astounding! I have seen a marked improvement in the clients’ behaviors! They are not only more self-aware of their behaviors, but also of the effects their behaviors might have on others. I have seen clients with ADHD and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) use Yoga as a ‘healthy coping skill‘. These kids have found that Yoga helps to “even them out” and have stated, “It’s the only way I can relax!” The power and value of participating in Yoga has proven itself time and time again. I know my clients and I have found it very helpful in restoring our well being! Thanks for so willingly giving your time to our kiddos!      ~ Julia Murcia, Recreation Therapist, Maryhurst

Real Men Do Yoga Too

I really enjoy your Yoga classes. You are a great instructor and the fact that you make the classes fun is great and refreshing. As a guy, I always doubted yoga’s effects on body and soul, but I’m glad that I was wrong! After taking your classes, I became less stressed and more relaxed. Physically, I gained a sudden rush of energy, which in my case was very welcoming. Even friends noticed a big difference in me. Thank you Cheri.    ~ Ray

There are many things that make Cheri a unique yoga teacher but the main thing is that her classes are fun – be prepared to laugh and enjoy yourself while you get all the benefits of a great yoga class!  ~ John

For all the guys, wondering about yoga… Yoga is a great class to help you relax and help with your flexibility. Cheri is a great teacher. She makes sure you are doing the poses correctly, but never pushes you to do something you cannot do. Yoga will not bulk up your muscles, but it helps tone them. Give it a try – you may like it!    ~ Steve

Just doing the group yoga on Monday has made a tremendous difference for me yesterday and today.  I woke up yesterday and felt the best I’ve felt in a month.  How I handled work and people has improved compared to the past few weeks.  I’m extremely happy with how things are progressing.  Many thanks!!!    ~ Gary